Advantage of establishing a company in Estonia: corporate tax on profits from the enterprise is 0%. Advantage of establishing a company in Latvia: corporate tax on profits from the enterprise is 0%.

Our agency offers high level legal consulting.

Legal Services

Elaboration and analysis of all kinds of agreements, contracts, letters, statements and other documents used in commercial activity.


Consulting on issues of employment in Latvia (for foreign citizens) and abroad.

Registration of Company in Latvia

Consultations on registration and selection of the company’s registration form in Latvia (JSC, LLC, IC, etc.) both for residents and non-residents.

Registration of Offshore Companies

Consulting on formation and maintenance of companies in foreign jurisdictions and their tax optimization.

Residence Permit in Latvia

Assistance in obtaining temporary and / or permanent residence permit in Latvia.

Trademarks, Copyright, Inventions

Consultations regarding national and international registration of trademarks, use of exclusive rights on the trademark, sale of the trademark, its transfer to other persons.

Legal consulting includes wide range of services necessary for the functioning of the company. It is vital for small and medium-sized businesses, which does not have opportunity to create its own legal department.

Our agency will organize for you prompt consulting and professional legal services by affordable prices: pleasant cooperation on favorable terms. Contact us right now: the faster you contact us, the less will be the loss.